Modesto: Dealing With Personal Injury Cases Involving Children

No parent wants his or her child to be harmed in an accident, but it could happen. It is important that you are prepared for this possibility. There are a few things that you need to be aware of to ensure that your child is taken care of by the responsible party.
Investigation is Initiated
One of the most important steps that you should let a lawyer help you with is establishing blame. The lawyer will help you figure out who is responsible for the accident through negligence. The most common type of accident involving children is a car accident, and the lawyer will obtain police reports as well as witness statements to build the case.
Of course, there are other types of accidents involving children, and the process is similar.
Your Child Will Be Protected
It is important to hire a lawyer to make sure your child is protected under California law. What you should remember is that a child in California, including Modesto, is questioned in a proper way. One thing that a lawyer will ensure is that the question and answer session (or the deposition) is arranged before the trial. This session is still under oath, but it is done in an environment that will not scare the child in any way.
A lawyer will also ensure that the child is represented by someone who has the child’s best interests at heart during the trial (if it goes that far). This could be a parent, legal guardian, or Guardian Ad Litem (GAL). This is a Latin phrase used to describe a person that is chosen to protect the best interests of the child during the proceedings.
Dealing With the Minor’s Compromise
California law states that the Minor’s Compromise approval can be used in a case involving a child. This is a summary of the entire incident with important details that will be submitted to the judge before the trial even starts. This will be helpful because this may prevent the child from going through a lengthy litigation process. The lawyer is responsible for providing pertinent information about the accident as well as the condition of the child.
There is a lot more that you should know about your child’s particular case, and a professional Modesto personal injury lawyer will be able to answer any questions you have regarding this delicate situation. He or she can also help ensure your child is taken care of.

Things To Consider When Building Your Dream Home

Many people dream of the day they will be able to build their own custom home.  With the recent recession, many may have put off those dreams because of the poor economy, but now with the economy improving and the housing market recovering from a record drop in sales and values, many may be thinking it is time to start planning their dream home again.

Obviously, the first thing to consider when planning on building a dream home is to find your dream property!  Looking for that perfect property can take time, but you really need to make sure that the property you select will make you and your family happy for years to come.  Take your time and research your property selection carefully.  Make sure you visit the property at different times to see if there are noise or other issues during certain times of the day.  In addition, make sure that the property is zoned for the type and size of home you plan on building.

Of course, the type of home you plan on building will help determine the type of land you need to accommodate your plans.  If you want a home with big windows to enjoy a view, you will obviously need to find  a property that offers a great view.  If you like daylight basements, then your property will typically need to be sloped.

Another critical step is finding the best custom home builder in your area that specializes in building deam homes.  I will want to meet with prospective builders personally to ensure that you feel comfortable with them and do some research on the homes they’ve built in the past.  Talking with past clients is also a great idea to ensure that their past clients were happy with how their home building project turned out.  If you want to ensure the safety and effeciency of your new home, you should look for certified green home builders that are familiar with green building concepts.

How much can I get from SSI Disability?

Currently, there are over 8.4 million people receiving SSI disability payments according to data provided by the Social Security Administration.  The average SSI payment is currently just over $535 based upon current SSA reports (see below).

SSI is the abbreviation for Supplemental Security Income and is a federally ran program that provides payments to people with limited income.  To be eligible for SSI  as an adult you must be 65 years or older; totally or partially blind or have a medical condition that prevents you from working for more than 1 year or will result in death.

The first step to take is to contact your local Social Security office.  There are over 1200 Social Security office locations across the country and most likely one near you.  Your local Social Security office will be able to provide more information on the requirements to apply for SSI.

SSI Federally Administered Payments

Table 2.Recipients, by eligibility category and age, September 2013–September 2014
Month Total Eligibility category Age
Aged Blind and disabled Under 18 18–64 65 or older
September 8,381,134 1,162,126 7,219,008 1,321,608 4,952,280 2,107,246
October 8,380,874 1,162,006 7,218,868 1,317,389 4,954,511 2,108,974
November 8,378,986 1,163,826 7,215,160 1,314,546 4,951,273 2,113,167
December 8,363,477 1,157,118 7,206,359 1,321,681 4,934,272 2,107,524
January 8,363,509 1,160,423 7,203,086 1,311,863 4,937,800 2,113,846
February 8,380,055 1,160,665 7,219,390 1,320,410 4,943,739 2,115,906
March 8,388,050 1,161,260 7,226,790 1,319,374 4,949,322 2,119,354
April 8,414,517 1,163,594 7,250,923 1,323,639 4,966,908 2,123,970
May 8,383,570 1,161,836 7,221,734 1,312,342 4,949,231 2,121,997
June 8,410,441 1,164,339 7,246,102 1,320,491 4,962,127 2,127,823
July 8,389,419 1,164,012 7,225,407 1,310,859 4,949,117 2,129,443
August 8,386,962 1,165,624 7,221,338 1,303,077 4,949,221 2,134,664
September 8,413,757 1,167,587 7,246,170 1,308,532 4,965,134 2,140,091
SOURCE: Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Record, 100 percent data.
NOTE: Data are for the end of the specified month.

SSI Federally Administered Payments

Table 7.Average monthly payment September 2013–September 2014 (in dollars)
Month Total Eligibility category Age
Aged Blind and disabled Under 18 18–64 65 or older
All sources
September 527.47 415.42 545.54 632.12 543.97 423.28
October 526.35 415.26 544.27 626.87 543.62 423.23
November 528.56 416.12 546.73 634.89 545.06 423.93
December 529.15 417.44 547.11 630.98 546.38 425.09
January 535.23 421.48 553.58 639.84 552.72 429.64
February 535.10 420.54 553.54 640.61 552.35 429.05
March 534.96 421.75 553.16 636.98 552.76 429.96
April 536.61 422.13 555.00 644.74 553.34 430.25
May 536.75 422.34 555.20 645.76 553.58 430.44
June 535.88 422.16 554.17 642.77 552.77 430.34
July 534.49 422.09 552.63 637.43 552.21 430.22
August 536.14 422.56 554.50 645.00 553.12 430.60
September 535.21 422.51 553.40 640.39 552.72 430.55
Federal payments
September 508.47 377.10 528.84 623.99 526.58 388.64
October 507.32 376.95 527.54 618.77 526.21 388.61
November 509.55 377.77 530.02 626.77 527.67 389.29
December 510.21 379.37 530.41 622.86 528.99 390.64
January 516.28 383.23 536.93 631.67 535.42 395.14
February 516.16 382.24 536.88 632.45 535.02 394.53
March 516.00 383.50 536.49 628.80 535.44 395.47
April 517.68 383.84 538.37 636.58 536.04 395.73
May 517.84 384.08 538.58 637.63 536.30 395.96
June 516.96 383.87 537.56 634.62 535.51 395.84
July 515.54 383.78 535.99 629.27 534.97 395.73
August 517.21 384.26 537.89 636.85 535.89 396.13
September 516.27 384.21 536.77 632.24 535.49 396.09
State supplementation
September 121.40 130.37 118.54 48.41 129.07 131.28
October 121.38 130.36 118.52 48.44 129.00 131.27
November 121.44 130.43 118.57 48.43 129.09 131.32
December 121.48 130.61 118.58 48.40 129.16 131.47
January 121.50 130.57 118.60 48.47 129.13 131.42
February 121.41 130.51 118.51 48.35 129.11 131.38
March 121.47 130.61 118.55 48.38 129.15 131.45
April 121.48 130.65 118.57 48.37 129.17 131.47
May 121.52 130.60 118.62 48.35 129.19 131.43
June 121.40 130.53 118.48 48.28 129.04 131.39
July 121.37 130.49 118.45 48.27 128.96 131.33
August 121.41 130.57 118.47 48.20 128.95 131.39
September 121.38 130.58 118.43 48.14 128.92 131.40
SOURCE: Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Record, 100 percent data.
NOTE: Data are for the end of the specified month and exclude retroactive payments.

Are You Comfortable in Your Home?

As the saying goes, there is nothing like home!  But, if you are sweating in the Summer and freezing in the Winter, then that can be a problem.  One of the most important elements of a home is a good heating and cooling system that provides a comfortable environment year-round.  Older homes typically suffer from out dated and inefficient heating systems and a lot of them don’t even have air conditioning systems.

If you have an older home that has baseboard or wall heaters, you may want to talk with an experienced heating and cooling company to see if it is time to update to a new heating system.  In addition, if your home does not have any air conditioning, it may be time to upgrade to a new efficient heat pump system that will provide adequate heating and cooling for your home.  Often times older homes do not have the necessary ducting for modern heating and cooling systems, but fortunately there are now “ductless heat pumps” that do not require expensive ducting installation.

If you do live in a more modern home that has a central heating and cooling system, it is important to keep it maintained.  Having a certified heating and cooling technician come to your home to service your furnace or heat pump is critical to ensure it functions properly year in and year out.  If there are problems with your system, be sure to contact a certified HVAC repair company to do any work that may be needed.  Trying to save a little money on a non licensed or certified contractor is not a good idea when it comes to one of the most important elements of your home.

If you live in the Vancouver, Washington area (Battle Ground, Hockinson, Camas, Washougal, Ridgefield, Woodland, La Center, Felida, Brush Prairie, Hazel Dell) be sure to give Tri-Tech Heating & Cooling a call for any of your HVAC needs.  They have been serving the local community since 1993 and are licensed HVAC contractors in Washington and Oregon.