Man Arrested For DUI After Crashing Into Family Of 5, Killing Young Boy

Sunday October 19th, Gary S. Hunt was arrested on suspicion of driving under the influence after he had caused a wreck that involved two other vehicles in Anaheim. One of the cars was a Toyota Camry that was occupied by a family of five. The Toyota Camry was crushed between Hunt’s black Toyota pickup and the Honda civic in front of them in the oncoming lane.

The accident took place late Saturday night near the North Euclid Street and West La Palma Avenue intersection according to the Anaheim Police Department.  The two parents, and the three children. The three children were sitting in the backseat and the parents were in the front two seats. Their car was stopped at a red light in a southbound lane on North Euclid Street.  As they were stopped, a black truck driven by Hunt rear ended the back of the Camry. The accident was so violent that the Camry was forced into the intersection where it was struck by a Honda Civic.

The family of five was immediately rushed to the nearest hospital Anaheim Regional Medical Center. Upon the arrival of the family one the children, who was later identified as Rafael Ramirez, had sadly died at the age of 10 years old. Extended family members said that the rest of family involved was expected to be okay.  The owner of the Honda Civic was taken to the hospital with minor to moderate injuries. The passenger of Honda was treated on site of the scene and did not seek further medical attention.

Hunt was arrested by Anaheim police on suspicion of being under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol while driving his vehicle.  Witnesses stated that they could see Hunt being handcuffed and put into the back of the police officers car and appearing to be unharmed from the accident.


Car accidents can cause emotional and financial turmoil not only to the individuals involved, but their families and loved ones as well.  If you have been injured in a car accident in Anaheim, contact our car accident lawyer in Anaheim as soon as possible.

Cities in Orange County where our law firm provides legal representation include:

Car Accident In Lancaster Kills 3 People Including Child, Injuring Two Others

Around 6:00 p.m. neighbors living by the intersection of 25th Street West and Avenue K. were startled by a loud crash.  When they stepped outside they witnessed the aftermath of a Jeep and pick-up truck that had just collided moments earlier.  Police and paramedics arrived shortly after the car accident in Lancaster had occurred.

The accident had sent the Jeep flying into a light pole before crashing into a tree.  The crash was so violent that it had ripped the Jeep into pieces, tearing off the axle and sending parts of the vehicle in to tree branches.  The Jeep was carrying five people at the time of the accident.  Everyone in the Jeep was ejected from the except for one passenger who was transported to a local medical center.

One critically injured Jeep passenger was taken to Antelope Valley Hospital but succumbed to her injuries.  Two other victims were pronounced dead at the scene of the accident, a 16-year-old male and a 12-year-old girl.  The driver of the Jeep and another passenger survived but were both taken to the hospital for serious injuries.

The driver of the pickup truck only sustained minor injuries from the accident.  Police are investigating to see if drugs or alcohol were a factor in this accident.  A car accident can cause financial and emotional turmoil to the individuals involved but friends and families as well.  Its vital that you contact local police and a accident attorney in Lancaster immediately if you ever find yourself in a car accident.

Cities in Los Angeles County where car accidents frequently occur include:

Off-ramp Closed After Motorcyclist Killed In Inglewood Crash

Inglewood Police are now investigating a motorcycle accident that occurred early Saturday morning on between La Cienega Boulevard and Industrial Avenue.  The motorcyclist was traveling northbound when he lost control and was thrown from his bike.  The bike he was riding was identified as a 2008 Yamaha FZ1 Fazer, which is known to have a top speed of 160 mph!  It’s crucial that you contact you contact local police and a motorcycle accident attorney in Inglewood if you ever find yourself involved in an accident.

The 28-year-old was transported around 5:00 a.m. to a local hospital, but unfortunately his injuries were far too severe.  He passed away shortly after the accident occurred that morning.  The identity of the motorcyclist is pending on the notification to his relatives and family members.

California Highway Patrol shut down the northbound La Cienega Boulevard exit on the 405 Freeway to keep from traffic passing through the area.  The closed exit also caused heavy traffic for Thanksgiving travelers head back home on the 405 Freeway.  Parts of La Cienega were also closed off for investigation but all closures were removed at 9:50 a.m.  If you or a loved one have been injured in a car accident make sure to contact an personal injury attorney right away.

Motorcycle accidents that often occur in Los Angeles County area include:



Elderly Woman Kills Man After Crashing Into Glendale Bakery

Glendale Police responded to a call about a car that had crashed into a local bakery Thursday afternoon.  The accident took place on East Broadway around 12:00 p.m. when a 72-year-old woman crashed into Oledina’s cake factory after losing control of her gold Lexus.

As the woman was driving her car accelerated at an extreme speed crossing four lanes of traffic on East Broadway.  The vehicle then proceeded to crash into five other vehicles before finally crashing in to the bakery killing a 55-year-old man.  The man was known as a local watch repairman that had stopped at the bakery frequently for coffee.  He was pinned to the counter the the vehicle.  He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Five other pedestrians sustained injuries from the accident in Glendale, one was transported to the hospital but the rest seem to be fair condition.

Police are investigating to see if the main factor that caused the accident was mechanical failure of her vehicle.   Investigators stated that it may take days before they determine the actual cause of the accident.  They also want to rule out if 72-year-old woman was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when the accident occurred.  If you or a loved one have been affected by a car accident in the greater Los Angeles County area it’s important to contact local police and an personal injury attorney right away.

Areas around Glendale that have high volume of accident include:


Accident Shuts Down 60 Freeway In El Monte Leaving 13 Injured & 1 Dead

Thursday morning California Highway Patrol closed all eastbound and westbound lanes on the 60 Freeway because of a multi-vehicle accident in El Monte.

Nine vehicles, two big rigs and tanker truck were all involved in the crash around 5:00 a.m. near the Santa Anita Avenue off-ramp.  Two vehicles had caught fire but passenger were able to exit the vehicle before they were engulfed in flames.   The tanker truck that was involved had turned over, spilling milk and diesel onto the freeway.

CHP investigators believe that the tanker truck had collided with the vehicles as he approached slower vehicles and couldn’t stop in time.  Four people were in critical condition while 10 had sustained moderate injuries, a total of fourteen people were injured in the accident.

A 5-year-old girl had passed away at Beverly Hospital in Montebello while she was being treated for fatal injuries.  The girl was identified as El Monte resident Maydelin Salas.

Unfortunately, tragic car accidents like this occur in the El Monte frequently.  Not only are the individuals that are involved affected, but family and friends as well.  It’s important to contact local authorities and a personal injury lawyer right away to ensure that you and your loved ones are rightfully protect.

Areas where car accidents frequently occur in Los Angeles County include:

3 Of 5 Teens Killed In Horrific Accident In Burbank

Five John Burroughs High School Students were involved in a deadly accident Friday morning where three teenagers lost their lives.  The accident occurred around 2:00 a.m. near the Sierra Highway in Santa Clarita when the driver lost control of his pickup and tumbled 200 feet down an embankment.  Burbank police identified the driver as Ian Bulbenko, he was killed on impact.

The toxicology report was released by the L.A. County coroner’s office stated that Bulbenko’s blood-alcohol level was .06%.  Traces of marijuana and hydrocodone were also found in his system.  It is illegal for under-age drivers to consume any amount of alcohol in the state of California.  Police are now investigating whether impaired driving was the cause of the accident or if other factors were involved.  19-year-old April Townsend, 19-year-old Jake Gnasso and the driver Bulbenko all were killed by blunt trauma.

Only two passengers survived the accident but their identity has not yet been released.  Car accidents are not only devastating to the people involved but family members and loved ones as well.  Any car accident  can cause emotional and financial turmoil.  If you ever find yourself in a car accident in Burbank be sure to contact local police and personal injury attorney in Burbank right away.  There’s no limits when it comes to the ensuring the safety of your family and loved ones.

Santa Ana Hit-And-Run Accident Injures 3 Young Boys

Friday afternoon three Santa Ana Boys were seriously injured after a driver hit them and fled the scene.  The boys were walking through a park when they crossed an unmarked intersection.  The driver of the vehicle was heading westbound on Fifth Street when he decided to drive around a stopped car and struck the boys.

All three boys were taken to a local medical center for serious injuries but it’s unclear if their injuries were life-threatening.  The driver left the scene before authorities could arrive, but officers shortly found the car abandoned near Figueroa and Fifth Street.  Police are now searching for a Hispanic man in his early 20’s who they suspect was the driver. The vehicle driven was actually registered to a resident in another city.

If you know any information on this accident police ask you to call Orange County authorities immediately.  It’s sad to think that accident such as this frequently occur in the Orange County area.  If you are ever involved in a accident in Orange County area its important to contact local police and a personal injury attorney in Santa Ana as soon as possible.

How much can I get from SSI Disability?

Currently, there are over 8.4 million people receiving SSI disability payments according to data provided by the Social Security Administration.  The average SSI payment is currently just over $535 based upon current SSA reports (see below).

SSI is the abbreviation for Supplemental Security Income and is a federally ran program that provides payments to people with limited income.  To be eligible for SSI  as an adult you must be 65 years or older; totally or partially blind or have a medical condition that prevents you from working for more than 1 year or will result in death.

The first step to take is to contact your local Social Security office.  There are over 1200 Social Security office locations across the country and most likely one near you.  Your local Social Security office will be able to provide more information on the requirements to apply for SSI.

SSI Federally Administered Payments

Table 2.Recipients, by eligibility category and age, September 2013–September 2014
Month Total Eligibility category Age
Aged Blind and disabled Under 18 18–64 65 or older
September 8,381,134 1,162,126 7,219,008 1,321,608 4,952,280 2,107,246
October 8,380,874 1,162,006 7,218,868 1,317,389 4,954,511 2,108,974
November 8,378,986 1,163,826 7,215,160 1,314,546 4,951,273 2,113,167
December 8,363,477 1,157,118 7,206,359 1,321,681 4,934,272 2,107,524
January 8,363,509 1,160,423 7,203,086 1,311,863 4,937,800 2,113,846
February 8,380,055 1,160,665 7,219,390 1,320,410 4,943,739 2,115,906
March 8,388,050 1,161,260 7,226,790 1,319,374 4,949,322 2,119,354
April 8,414,517 1,163,594 7,250,923 1,323,639 4,966,908 2,123,970
May 8,383,570 1,161,836 7,221,734 1,312,342 4,949,231 2,121,997
June 8,410,441 1,164,339 7,246,102 1,320,491 4,962,127 2,127,823
July 8,389,419 1,164,012 7,225,407 1,310,859 4,949,117 2,129,443
August 8,386,962 1,165,624 7,221,338 1,303,077 4,949,221 2,134,664
September 8,413,757 1,167,587 7,246,170 1,308,532 4,965,134 2,140,091
SOURCE: Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Record, 100 percent data.
NOTE: Data are for the end of the specified month.

SSI Federally Administered Payments

Table 7.Average monthly payment September 2013–September 2014 (in dollars)
Month Total Eligibility category Age
Aged Blind and disabled Under 18 18–64 65 or older
All sources
September 527.47 415.42 545.54 632.12 543.97 423.28
October 526.35 415.26 544.27 626.87 543.62 423.23
November 528.56 416.12 546.73 634.89 545.06 423.93
December 529.15 417.44 547.11 630.98 546.38 425.09
January 535.23 421.48 553.58 639.84 552.72 429.64
February 535.10 420.54 553.54 640.61 552.35 429.05
March 534.96 421.75 553.16 636.98 552.76 429.96
April 536.61 422.13 555.00 644.74 553.34 430.25
May 536.75 422.34 555.20 645.76 553.58 430.44
June 535.88 422.16 554.17 642.77 552.77 430.34
July 534.49 422.09 552.63 637.43 552.21 430.22
August 536.14 422.56 554.50 645.00 553.12 430.60
September 535.21 422.51 553.40 640.39 552.72 430.55
Federal payments
September 508.47 377.10 528.84 623.99 526.58 388.64
October 507.32 376.95 527.54 618.77 526.21 388.61
November 509.55 377.77 530.02 626.77 527.67 389.29
December 510.21 379.37 530.41 622.86 528.99 390.64
January 516.28 383.23 536.93 631.67 535.42 395.14
February 516.16 382.24 536.88 632.45 535.02 394.53
March 516.00 383.50 536.49 628.80 535.44 395.47
April 517.68 383.84 538.37 636.58 536.04 395.73
May 517.84 384.08 538.58 637.63 536.30 395.96
June 516.96 383.87 537.56 634.62 535.51 395.84
July 515.54 383.78 535.99 629.27 534.97 395.73
August 517.21 384.26 537.89 636.85 535.89 396.13
September 516.27 384.21 536.77 632.24 535.49 396.09
State supplementation
September 121.40 130.37 118.54 48.41 129.07 131.28
October 121.38 130.36 118.52 48.44 129.00 131.27
November 121.44 130.43 118.57 48.43 129.09 131.32
December 121.48 130.61 118.58 48.40 129.16 131.47
January 121.50 130.57 118.60 48.47 129.13 131.42
February 121.41 130.51 118.51 48.35 129.11 131.38
March 121.47 130.61 118.55 48.38 129.15 131.45
April 121.48 130.65 118.57 48.37 129.17 131.47
May 121.52 130.60 118.62 48.35 129.19 131.43
June 121.40 130.53 118.48 48.28 129.04 131.39
July 121.37 130.49 118.45 48.27 128.96 131.33
August 121.41 130.57 118.47 48.20 128.95 131.39
September 121.38 130.58 118.43 48.14 128.92 131.40
SOURCE: Social Security Administration, Supplemental Security Record, 100 percent data.
NOTE: Data are for the end of the specified month and exclude retroactive payments.

Getting Help After An Accident

Any type of accident is a traumatic event, but a motor vehicle accident can be particularly devastating.  Motor vehicle accidents can cause serious injuries and even death in some cases.  The most important thing a person can do after an accident is to consult with an experienced local personal injury attorney.  A good accident attorney will be able to help guide you through the aftermath of a serious accident.

A personal injury lawyer will be able to help find appropriate medical care, investigate the exact cause of the accident, negotiate with insurance companies and file an accident lawsuit on your behalf if appropriate.  Recovering from a serious accident will take time, as does negotiating with insurance companies to reach a reasonable settlement that will compensate you and your family for injuries suffered and the long term impacts of those injuries.

Medical bills can quickly spiral out of control after a serious accident and can cause significant financial hardships, even for those individuals covered by insurance.  In most cases an experienced injury attorney will be able to negotiate with medical providers to have fees reduced, and include them into any settlement agreement that may be reached with auto insurance companies.

No matter where you live, if you are involved in an accident, be sure to contact a local personal injury attorney right away to discuss your accident.  Most accident attorneys offer free initial consultations, so it will cost you nothing to talk with an experienced lawyer to get some legal guidance.

Below are a some resources that can help you find a local personal injury attorney:

Lawyer Directories

Local Personal Injury Lawyer Websites


Fairview Man Convicted Of A Fifth DUI Offence

42 year old Christopher M. Heath of Fairview, Tennessee was convicted of a fifth DUI offence on April 14th by William County courts.  Heath is facing 32 months in jail with a $3,000 fine and his licence revoked for 8 months.  What would normally be charged as a misdemeanor, Heath’s most recent DUI is now treated as a Class E felony because of the four previous DUI’s he had acquired over the years.

Heath most recent arrest occurred on February 25th where Williams County deputies responded to a car accident on Anderson Road.  Deputies reported that Heath was standing outside the wrecked vehicle and had a very strong smell of alcohol on him.  Heath was extremely intoxicated when he was arrested with blood-shot eyes, slurred speech, and a unsteady stance.  Empty beer cans littered the inside of Heath vehicle, with more that were not yet opened.

Lightsey law firm handles DUI accidents and understands how difficult life can be after being involved in a DUI accident in Nashville or surrounding areas.  If you or someone you know have been involved in a DUI accident, contact the Lightsey criminal law firm today.